Requirements for gaining a doctoral supplement  from the TUHH’s Graduate Academy for Technology and Innovation

On application, doctoral students may receive a doctoral supplement from the Graduate Academy in addition to their doctoral certificate. It will document the generic competences and attainments they have acquired during their doctoral studies.

The minimum requirement for this supplementary certificate is that they must have taken part in seminars, workshops and training courses/sessions with an interactive component amounting to a total of eight event days.

The qualifying events must include at least two from the program of the Graduate Academy. They may also include workshops at the TUHH’s Zentrum für Lehre und Lernen, the Startup Dock, the TuTech and the NIT as long as they are explicitly aimed at the target group of doctoral students or young research scientists.

Information and networking events do not count toward the requirement as a matter of principle.

An event day is defined as totaling 6 to 8 hours and half an event day as 3 to 4 hours.