Final Exam Coaching (SAC)

The Final Exam Coaching (StudienAbschlussCoaching/SAC) is one element of the student counseling. Together with you and in a confidential atmosphere, we develop individual strategies and ways towards the successful completion of your studies in face-to-face sessions.

In confidential face-to-face sessions you can reflect on your current study and living situation and you can develop and try individual solutions. After a first introductory meeting further sessions can be arranged on an individual basis in order to work on your concrete issues.

The following issues could be topics of a Final Exam Coaching (SAC):

  • Survey of the study situation
    What is my current status? What have I accomplished so far? What is yet to be done?
  • Strengthening of personal resources
    What are my personal strengths? What am I good at? Who or what is supporting me?
  • Assistance in taking decisions and forming objectives
    What is it really that I want?
  • Development of possible solutions and planning of next steps
    What could be tangible and realistic next steps?
  • Optimization of learning and working habits
    How do I learn or work? Which habits do I want to maintain, which do I want to change?

For an appointment, please contact the Infothek

Registration for consultation hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 1 pm - 2 pm

Please show up in person at the Infothek (Room E0.024) for registering for the consultation hours and please allow for some queueing time in case of great demand for counseling.