Logistik und Mobilität

(Logistics and Mobility)

Logistics and Mobility Offers Opportunities


Cross-enterprise value chains that depend on the interplay of innovative technical systems, information and communication technologies, and management strategies characterize business today. In this process, shipping, transshipment, and storage play a key role.

Graduates are able to plan and control the flow systems (of goods, people, information, money) required for the manufacture of goods or the provision of services and to apply their theoretical expertise knowledge to practical issues. They can solve technical problems, devise new technical systems for logistics and transportation systems, and evaluate their efficiency. Their holistic and analytical approach also enables them to penetrate and optimize connected processes.

Graduates can formulate and present their findings precisely in writing. To do so, independently or in teams, they apply methods of scientific working reliably and are thereby qualified to work in research or to deepen their competences in a further study program.

Please find further information here: Bachelor Logistics and Mobility

At a Glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Duration of Study: 6 semesters


If you are interested in greater detail we recommend you study the curriculum and the module manual as sources of information.

To prepare for a successful study program we also recommend the online math bridge course.

Before Studying

Career-related Placement

Students are required to serve a ten-week career-related placement. The best time to do so is before starting their studies. We urgently recommend you to do so. Practical work may be divided into several sections or different companies. Placements/internships count as education in the tertiary sector and qualify for BAföG student loans. Please read the Internship Regulations before taking up your internship. You will find them here.

After Your B.Sc.

Further Study Programs

The following master’s study programs are available for further studies. The study duration is four semesters.

Important Contacts

Information on Study Program

The Infothek is where to go for detailed information on study programs and extensive information material. If required you can register for talks with prospective students or arrange for an interview with a faculty counselor in your subject. Here is how to contact Ms Köther and Ms zur Borg at the Infothek:

Tel.: 040 428 78-2232, e-mail

Contact with Students

In addition to the AStA, or Students’ Union, the Management Sciences and Technology Student Council (Fachschaftsrat) is happy to provide information from the student’s viewpoint at Fachschaftsrat.

International Students – Studying Abroad

The International Office advises and looks after international students. The International Office’s website also contains information about studying abroad for TUHH students. The TUHH welcomes and promotes student exchange. If you have any queries, please contact the International Office.