About Getting Started

Timetable for start of winter semester 2019/20:

datewhat is going on...

Start of preparatory courses


Semester-opening Ceremony at Friedrich Ebert Hall for all new Bachelor Students


Semester-opening Ceremony at Audimax I for all new Master and Exchange Students

11.10.2019Master-OE for all new German language Master Programs Students
14.10.2019 - 20.10.2019Orientation week, incl. kick-off events of StartING@TUHH for all new Bachelor Students
21.10.2019Start of lectures for all new Bachelor Students

Special information for all Exchange and Master Students: Lectures will start October 14, 2019!


First steps: from applying to registering as a student…

Here is where to find the TUHH’s different application portals for exchange students, Bachelor’s and German-language Master’s study programs and English-language master’s programs. As the application procedures differ, you will find your specific information on the appropriate application portal.

Information about the basic internship for Bachelor’s programs…

Do I need a basic internship for the course I want to study? Find the answer to this question here

The rules for internships are enclosed with the special information for each course.

Information about a voluntary internship between the Bachelor’s and the Master’s program or during the Master’s program…

Are you planning to do an internship between your Bachelor’s and your Master’s study program or during your Master’s course? Click here for information on the subject.

Preliminary courses, Orientation Week, StartIng@TUHH, Registering for the Library and at the Data Center…

Our calendar for first semester students gives a lot of information (PDF / in German only). It will be available by August 2018.

The International Office provides exchange students from partner universities with orientation weeks.

Make optimum use of the time before your degree course begins by taking the Online Math Bridge Course (OMB).

Classroom-based preliminary courses for all Bachelor’s students in preparation for the 2018/19 winter semester will be take place as every year. Please find here the course program by August 2108.

The Orientation Week for all new Bachelor’s students is always in the first week of lectures in the winter semester. Find out more about the Orientation Week on your student faculty home page.

StartING@TUHH – Support during your first semester: 
Many questions arise during your first semester. StartING aims to help you get started with your engineering studies at the TUHH so that you can make the most of your study program. During your first semester our StartING tutors will accompany and assist you. For more about how StartING works and how to register, click here.

Counseling offered by the Central Student Counseling Service:
 Studying at university can be a major change at first. You leave your family and friends behind, studying itself is a challenge, personal problems make it impossible to concentrate on your studies, and maybe you had expected something entirely different. In these and other case a chat with the Student Counseling Service can be helpful. For more about the counseling services that are available and how to register for them, click here.

Central Student Counseling Service workshops: 
To help you to complete your study program the Student Counseling Service runs workshops. They deal with subjects such as Scientific Writing or Time and Self Management. To find out which workshops are on offer next, visit our website.

Here is the home page of the TUB (the University Library).

And here is the home page of the TUHH’s Data Center.

If you have studied previously, before starting your present study program…

recognition of studies and qualifications will be an issue that is of relevance for you. The rule is that equivalent academic study programs (passed and failed) must be credited. To get them credited you must submit an application within six weeks of starting your course (that means by mid-November for the winter semester and by mid-May for the summer semester). You must attach a complete and final performance record from your previous university. If you have switched study programs at the TUHH a performance record will not be required. Recognition is regulated in Section 11 of the General Provisions of the Course and Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs at the Hamburg University of Technology, or ASPO (German abbreviation) for short.

The following statutes and regulations are especially important for your studies at the TUHH:

  • Satzung über das Studium (Statutes about Studying) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
  • General Provisions of the Course and Examination Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs at the Hamburg University of Technology (ASPO)
  • Subject-specific part of the course and examination regulations for your subject 
  • Curriculum 
  • Supplementary elective modules

All of these documents can be accessed via this link.

Please read these documents thoroughly to learn all about your study program, the course of studies and examinations, and your rights and duties.