Course Feedback

At TUHH the student course evaluation is carried out with the online procedure CheckING.

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about CheckING.


Which courses are evaluated?

The student teaching survey is scheduled for all courses. Exceptions are standard exercises and auditorium exercises. Teachers can add and remove courses independently.

How can I participate in a survey?

Access to the online questionnaires of your courses is usually available directly via StudIP. There you will find the links to the single questionnaires under the "CheckING" tab. Teachers can, however, also distribute access directly by e-mail.

What are the goals?

As an internal quality assurance instrument, it serves to assess and ensure the quality of teaching at the TUHH:

Teachers should receive student feedback on their courses in order to further improve their quality.

The teachers are to be given a basis on which a dialogue can be initiated with the students about the quality of the courses and possibilities for improvement in teaching.

The Deans' Offices of Studies should be given a basis for the independent further development of their teaching.

What happens to the results?

The results are made available to the teachers at the end of a survey. The teachers should feed the results back to the students in an appropriate way. The teachers decide on the way.
It is possible to make the results available via StudIP. The results can also be presented and discussed in the courses during the lecture period of the semester.
Furthermore, at the end of the semester, the Deans' Offices receive summaries of the results of the individual surveys from their fields of study.

When can I participate in the surveys?

In principle, the surveys take place during the lecture period. In each semester there is a centrally set period during which the surveys are activated for all surveys. You can find an overview of the dates here.

What does CheckING do?

CheckING is your way of anonymously giving teachers feedback on their teaching. Based on your answers, teachers receive data that helps them analyze and reflect on their teaching. Even if you should not benefit directly and personally from the feedback in the individual course, the feedback can help future generations of students if teachers use the results for later courses.

What about privacy and anonymity?

The data is entered and processed anonymously so that no conclusions can be drawn at any time about the evaluations of individuals. Teachers only have access to an automatically generated, aggregated report after 4 completed questionnaires have been returned.
The data will only be used in accordance with the purposes and procedures set out in the Dienstvereinbarung zur Studentischen Lehrveranstaltungsbewertung.

What are the questions?

The standard questionnaire consists of 19 questions (2 of which are open questions). These basic questions cover the dimensions "comprehensibility", "motivation", "teaching/learning process" and "requirements" in relation to the teaching/learning situation in a course. Teachers can individualise the questionnaire by adding additional questions.

Why should I even participate in the surveys?

CheckING is the official course feedback procedure of the TUHH. The answers flow together in reports which reach not only the teachers but also the Deans of Studies. The more students of a course take part in the survey, the more meaningful and difficult it is to ignore the results. And even experienced professors are pleased with the confirmation that they are doing a good job of teaching or that their concept is a success.


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