KOAB - Graduate Survey at TUHH

The graduate survey takes place annually as part of a nationwide cooperation project coordinated by the Scientific Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT). Starting in October, around 60 participating universities will be approaching their graduates nationwide.

The purpose of the graduate study is to collect important information about the career development and current occupational situation of graduates in the first few years after graduation. The results of this graduate study enable an assessment to be made of the extent to which study programmes are preparing for the demands of work.

The following questions are of particular interest for the survey:

  • How is the transition from studying to working life structured?
  • In which occupational fields and occupations do graduates work?
  • What working hours and terms of the employment contract do today's graduates have?
  • Does the professional occupation match the study contents?
  • What key competences and additional qualifications does the employer expect?
  • How do graduates retrospectively assess their studies and study conditions?

The survey results can be of use for various areas of academic development as well as for improving the range of services offered by the TUHH.

In the area of quality management, the retrospective evaluation of study conditions and courses offered by graduates serves as an indicator of the quality of studies and teaching. The analysis of the assessments of our graduates enables the systematic development and expansion of the offers for the acquisition of key competences.

The results of study and career histories can serve as a valuable source of information for the study counselling service and the Career Center and provide impulses for the further development of the counselling service.

For the Deans' Offices of Studies, the results offer the opportunity to compare the ideas about the acquisition of competences and the professional fields of application of their degree programmes with the practical experience of the graduates.

The anonymised data and results collected are used exclusively for scientific purposes of quality assurance of teaching and study within TUHH.