Student Course Evaluation

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Online procedure

The CheckING course evaluation is a flexible feedback instrument that intends to initiate a dialogue between teachers and students about possibilities for improvement in teaching. It enables students to give their teachers feedback on the course via mobile devices during the course or from home.

The data is entered and processed anonymously so that at no time any conclusions can be drawn on the answers of individual persons. Teachers have access to an automatically generated, aggregated report.

In the last week of the lecture period, teachers can discuss the results of the survey with their students. This feedback function intensifies the possibilities for students to participate in the further development of studies and teaching at TUHH.

Target-oriented feedback

The CheckING feedback instrument combines extensive standardization with the possibility of optional individualization of the questionnaire. Teachers can adapt the survey contents individually to their course and to the specific teaching/learning objectives.


CheckING-Questionnaire you can be find in the teacher portal.


Process fundamentals

Here you will find the basics for the implementation as well as for the evaluation and usage concept:

Service Agreement for Student Course Evaluation

TUHH’s quality assurance statutes


Contact person for CheckING and the student course evaluation is Dr. Oliver Rayiet (CheckING Coordinator).

If you have any questions or comments, please contact or (040) 42878-3097.