Hamburger Volkshochschule

Application / Placements – Summer Semester 2021

The registration period for the language courses starts on March 29 and ends on April 14 2021. During this period the online registration is open.
An overview of the current planning status of the language courses with course times can be found here.

Admission Requirement 

For courses of an advanced level a placement test is essential provided you did not attend any courses in the target language within the last 12 months nor did you take a placement test. Please upload your placement certificate or your performance record when applying online. 

Beginners courses at level A1.1 do not require any placement test!

Prior knowledge

Any prior language skills have to be proven by a placement test (see Admission Requirement). The course recommendation depends on the test result.

Placement Procedure

Written placements according to the General European Reference Frame for Languages based on your self assessment

 - online-Cornelsen placement test: for the languages German as a Foreign Language, English, French and Spanish of the levels A1.2 to B1.3

 - for the languages German as a Foreign Language and English starting from level B2.1 for the languages Russian and Swedish starting from level A1.2

 - for all other languages starting from level A1.2: separate consultation on demand 

An additional oral placement test will be taken in certain cases.

Please apply for the language courses via our online application form that can be found above during the registration period. 

The asterisked fields are mandatory fields.

Employees of the TUHH please enter 99999 in the mandatory field “matriculation number” and upload a blank sheet with your signature instead of a certificate of enrolment.

A prompt email response acknowledges receipt of your application. 
Should there be more applicants than places in a language course you will be waitlisted and move up as soon as a place is free. 
confirmation of participation will be sent directly before the beginning of the course. The message might reach you at very short notice as the release of the individual course depends on the number of applicants. 

(Target course size: 10 – 20 students per course)