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Due to the housing shortage for students in Hamburg, finding accommodation takes time. Especially at the beginning of the winter semester, it is difficult to find a room. Therefore, we also recommend to rent a room with a rental agreement of limited duration for the beginning of your studies at TUHH.

Costs of a furnished room

Depending on where you will live in Hamburg, the average all-inclusive prices range from 350 € to 600 € for a furnished room. In the surrounding country-communities (Living outside of Hamburg) the prices are usually lower.

Room or flat

Rooms in Wohngemeinschaft:
... =  Wohngemeinschaft, i.e. shared flat
... usually costs from 350 € up
... usually "all-in-rent" (with electricity, water, heating, internet)

A one-room flat
... may costs from 500 € or more often from 600 € up
... this prices are "Warmmiete" (see below)

Important terms

Nebenkosten (short: NK):
... means: ancillary costs
... could be the costs of the electricity, heating, water, sewage, and refuse collection
NOTE: Often, Nebenkosten do not include electricity and internet.
This means, you have to make contracts by yourself.

... means the monthly rent of your accommodation.
... inkl. (NK) is the rent plus the above-mentioned Nebenkosten
    and is also called "Warmmiete".
... exkl. (NK)" is the basic rent - you have to pay the Nebenkosten
    and it is also called "Kaltmiete".

... means: deposit.
... is usual to pay before you move into the accommodation. 
... is a safety of the landlord/landlady for any damage that you might cause.
... will be paid back when you will move out, if there is no damage.

... means a minimal rental period.

Rental Agreement

Once you have found an appropriate accommodation, your landlord/landlady should give you the rental agreement.
The rental agreement is very important because:
... it is legally binding (for both the tenant and the landlord/landlady).
... you need the rental agreement to register as a resident of the city.
To do the city registration, you also need the document Wohnungsgeberbestätigung in any case. It must be handed to you by your landlord/landlady when you move in.

Accommodation Search

For your first days in Hamburg

Youth Hostels:
Collection of youth Hostels

a&o Hostels:
Depending on room and day. There are 1- or 2-person private rooms and dormitorys (4, 6 or 8 persons, femal dorm): from 18 € per person/night up

Instant sleep:
Depending on room and day. There are 1-person private rooms up to 12-person mixed shared rooms: about 14 € – 50 € per person/night

B&B Hamburg:
Depending on room, day and number of persons. There are 1-, 2- or 3-person private rooms: 60 € – 100 € per room/night



Studierendenwerk - Public Student halls

Please check here for more information: Studierendenwerk Hamburg

Beratungszentrum Wohnen/Counselling Centre Accommodation
Grindelallee 9, 2. Floor,
20146 Hamburg,
Telefon: +49 40 41902-268

Private Student halls

- Harburg: 5 min to the TUHH; all-in rent: 380 €- 900 €  
- minimal rental period 3 months
- 1- or 2-room student apartments: 16 m² - 35 m²

- Wilhelmsburg: all-in rent 519 € - 659 €
- 1-room student apartments

Privatbau GmbH
- Lüneburger Str. 7
There is an online application form for the search.
Please, indicate that you are a student.

- Harburg, Hannoversche Straße
- Laundry facilities
- flexible rental period

- On the TUHH campus
- Laundry facilities
- minimal rental period 4 weeks
- Apartment: 20 m²

Studentenwohnungen Rastädter CR_Hausverwaltung 
Schwarzenbergstr. 33, 21073 Hamburg-Harburg
Contact: CR_Hausverwaltung (Cornelia Rastädter):     
E-Mail: info(at)rastaedter.com

Ökumenische Studentenwohnheime Carl-Malsch-Haus und Übersee-Kolleg
- Alsterdorf and Othmarschen: rent: 245 € for a standard room, up to 320 €
- Laundry lounge (washing machines)
- single room, common rooms
- music room, fitness room, volleyball court, table tennis etc.

Studentenwohnheim des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes
- Bieberstr. 1, 20146 Hamburg: rent: cost covering (on demand)
- Laundry lounge (washing machines and tumble dryers)
- single room (9 -10 m²) or double room (16 - 17 m²) and common rooms

Websites with announcements

- WG gesucht

- Immowelt

- Immonet

- Ebay Kleinanzeigen

- Wohnungsbörse

Living outside Hamburg

Mostly, in the surroundings of Hamburg the rent is lower than in Hamburg.
There are shopping and sport opportunities as well. We recommend you to search for accommodation in these towns as well.
All these towns are reachable with the student "hvv ticket" (Gesamtbereich "U/S/A/R-Plan" and RE/RB and Bus in "Tarifpläne").

Information (for the purpose of comparing) regarding the travel time :
- it's 14 min from Hamburg-Harburg to Hamburg Hbf (by S3/S31)
- it's 26 min from Hamburg-Harburg to St. Pauli (by U3 and S3)
- it's 28 min from Hamburg-Harburg to Altona (by S3)

In the west: Reachable by the city train S3

- District of Hamburg
- 7 min: S Neugraben

Neu Wulmstorf

- community of "Landkreis Harburg"
- 17 min: S Neu Wulmstorf


- community of "Landkreis Stade"
- 22 min: S Buxtehude

In the south: Reachable by train RB41/RE4 (partially )

- town in "Landkreis Harburg"
- 11 min:       Buchholz i. d. N. -> Hamburg-Harburg  by RE4
- 14 min:       Buchholz i. d. N. -> Hamburg-Harburg  by RB41
- 23-25 min: Buchholz i. d. N. -> Hamburg Hbf          by RB4 or RB41

Important notes


  • Before you sign the rental agreement, visit the accommodation:
    - Is it clean (no dirt, tidy, no mould)?
    - Do the electrical appliances (e.g. frige or stove) work?
    - Are there any inconsistencies?
  • Please check who the landlord/landlady is.
  • Please check, if a minimal rental period (german: Mindestmietzeit) exists.
    You won't be able to end the rental agreement before the deadline!
  • Please check the amount of the deposit (according to the law not more then 3 monthly rentals).
    The deposit will be paid back in the end of the rental period, if the accommodation is in the agreed and tidy condition (according to the law, latest after 6 month).

Rental Agreement

  • Insist on a rental agreement!
    Be careful, if the landlord/landlady doesn´t give you a rental agreement.
  • Read the rental agreement!
    Ask, if the landlord/landlady could send you the rental agreeement even in advance.
  • Often there exist additionally house rules.
  • Please keep in mind:
    - The landlord/landlady should be named with his/her address.
    - Which rooms are part of the rent? E. g. Is there a basement room?
    - Which rooms are shared with other tenants (kitchen, bathroom)?
    - What does the rent include? "Warmmiete", overall rent, all-in rent, etc.
  • Please ask for the ancillary costs ("Nebenkosten")!
    - Do you have to make own contracts e.g. for electricity?

After signing the rental agreement

  • Take photos of the accommodation when you are moving in.
  • If you find defects - inform the landlord/landlady immediately.
  • Protect your privacy. The landlord/landlady is not allowed to enter the flat without an announcement.
  • We recommend you to write a certificate of delivery ("Übergabeprotokoll").