Finding an Internship Abroad

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Finding an internship abroad requires a lot of initiative from students. In order to find companies, contacts and offers, you'll have organise your search. It helps to sort out these questions first:

  • What fields, methods, technologies am I particularly interested in? Where or for which products does this field, this method, etc find application?
  • What kind of industries, branches or products do I find interesting?
  • What languages can I already speak? Which languages could I learn before starting an internship? In which countries are these languages spoken or in which countries will I get along whith this particular language skill? (e.g English works fine in the Netherlands and all over Skandinavia but may be insufficient when interning in France.)
  • Which regions and countries of the world are particularly know for expertise in a specific field or industry?

You can start you search for companies by looking at the industries and companies of a country or a specific region or city. Wikipedia articles on country, region, city often have sections on economy and industry. This may be a good starting point. Also often regions and cities have their own official websites with information of the local economy and industries. There may be company directories for regions and/ or cities.
Each region or city is very likely to have their own chamber of commerce. In many cases their websites will have a member directory that may be accessible.

If you have a bit of spare money, you may want to use the services of a placement agency. The German website of the eurodesk network has a database that lists agency that offer internship services.