Application for Student Exchange

The application period for exchange study stays during winter term 2022/2023 and/or summer term 2023 is from 16.11 2021 - 15.12 2021.

The application period for the exchange places within the ISAP programme (UC Berkeley and U Waterloo), for stays starting in summer/autumn 2022 is from 10.11.2021 - 10.01.2022

Here is how to apply (through the Mobility-Online portal).

The application procedure is a two-step process


TUHH's International Office does not guarantee that your application at the partner university is successful! On rare occasions partner universities may change the terms of their exchange programms on short notice (e.g. amount of study fees (not applicable to Erasmus), place quotas, language requirements, and other acceptance criteria). If nominated exchange students are not accepted by the partner for any reason, the student must notify the International Office immediately.

TUHH cannot cover the costs of travel, health insurance, vaccinations and administration fees at the partner university.

Online Application for TUHH/Erasmus student exchange

  1. Use this link to start your application process in Mobility-Online.
    You'll first be redirected to the Shibboleth authentication. Use your StudIP credentials to authenticate.
    You'll then get to the Onlineform. Filling out and sending the Onlineform will create a new application in Mobility-Online. This is only the first part of your online application!
  2. After sending the Onlineform, you'll receive a confirmation email which contains the new link for further access to your application(s) in Mobility-Online. Please use this link to re-login to Mobility-Online in order to view your application(s), to complete your data and to upload all required documents. This is possible only during the ongoing application phase!
  3. You will find all forms and necessary documents to be uploaded in your application workflow in Mobility-Online. You application is considered as submitted when all your data is complete and all uploads are done. You will receive an automatic confirmation email again.
  4. Once the application period is over, you won't be able to start a new application, or change your excisting application or upload more documents.

    Unfinished applications will automatically be rejected the day after the application deadline!

    Mid December is the deadline at the International Office for stays in the following autumn and for stays at the beginning of the next calendar year at all partner universities of TUHH.

Online Application for ISAP: UC Berkeley & U Waterloo

You'll need to create a seperate application in Mobility-Online in order to apply for the ISAP program exchange places. It is the same technical process and the application phase is at the same time. However, the deadline may be slightly later than for the TUHH/Erasmus student exchange places.

Use this link for the ISAP online application.

Go to the ISAP programme website for all other information deadlines of the ISAP program.

FAQ Mobility-Online and Exchange Application

What documents do I need to upload?

You will find an overview of all documents to be uploaded, directly in Mobility-Online.
Please, fill out the Onlineform and after receiving the login-link, login to see the workflow in Mobility-Online. It will give you the list of all documents you'll need to upload. (Upload-links will appear on the right side always when the previous upload has been done.)

Please note that you must upload a motivation letter for each requested partner university. Please, you use the motivation letter guide (Orientierungshilfe), we have made for you! A prerequisite for writing the motivation letter is to inform yourself about the desired partner university.

Remember to submit the printed paper-application form (last down- and upload) to the International Office! Building E has two big, grey mailboxes you can use: one on the outside of the middle entrance, and one inside the middle entrance in the foyer, left of the staircase glass door.

Where is the link to the start of my online application?

The link to start your application in Mobility-Online can be found during the application period further up in the text on this website together with details about the online application.

Somehow the link to the start of the online application does not work. Why?

  • try a different browser (firefox or chrome)
  • connect to the TUHH campus net through the VPN client & login with your kerberos credentials - then try again
  • delete cache & cookies and restart your browser
  • if you have tried all of the above, and it's still not working, contact the international office (but not the Rechenzentrum)

Where can I find the link to complete my application?

After completing and submitting the online form, you will receive a short confirmation email. This email includes the link with which you can log on and off again and again during the ongoing the application period to Mobility-Online.

Mobility-Online shows address data that is not correct. How can I change this?

The data comes from the campus administration network of TUHH. If a wrong address is placed there, you can correct it via the student self-function. It may take some time until the correct data is displayed in Mobility-Online.

Where do I see the upload steps and required documents in Mobility-Online?

After submitting the online form, please log back into Mobility-Online and open your application by clicking on the link, which you then receive in the confirmation email. You will now see the workflow, in which you will be offered links to complete data, downloads of forms and upload links for uploading documents. If you do not see everything, you can expand the following upload steps using the small white crosses.

When and how long is the application period?

The application is expected to be open for TUHH students in November. The application period ends in December. Between November and December you can create your application with the link on the International Office website. Please check the exact dates online.

Your application will automatically be submitted as soon as you have completed all uploads. After the last upload, you will receive a confirmation mail with additional information on the course of the selection process.

Please remember to send the application form, uploaded and signed in the last step, to the office in a letter addressed to Ms Wilberg to one of the two letterboxes in Building E in the foyers or during Wilberg's office hours. You can find their contact details here.

How long do I have to wait for feedback after the end of the application period?

As a rule the schools of study need 6-8 weeks to make the selection. Most of the selection decisions are made by the Deputy Deans International / International coordinators and their assigned assistant in each school. For some partnerships. there are own selection committees (for example, Berkeley / Waterloo), which make their decisions partly earlier or slightly later. The International Office then enter the selection decision in Mobility-Online. You will then receive an e- mail generated from the system with additional information for further administrative processing in the exchange process. Theses mails do not all go out the same day. Some students receive early notice, some a little later.

It is very likely that exchange places are strongly demanded. Therefore, if you do not initially receive any of your desired locations, it is possible that we will offer you a list of vacancies that are not requested or vacated at the moment (if you have selected this option in the online form). Final cancellations will therefore only be given later in time, after the allocation of all places.

The selection procedure is complex and time-intensive. Please, be patient and wait until you hear from us.

Where can I find information about the ERASMUS program and exchange programs on overseas?

You may find information via our website or trough the Information Desk. Please send an inquiry to internationaloffice(at) or contact Berit Illmann (Overseas Partnerships) or Elvira Wilberg (Erasmus Partnerships). You can find their contact details here.

Who do I contact with technical questions about Mobility-Online?

Please contact Sarah Neumann: sarah.neumann(at)

Why can't I see my desired University in the drop-down list? Who do I contact with questions regarding the exchange placement in Mobility-Online?

Please contact Berit Illmann (Overseas Partnerships) or Elvira Wilberg (Erasmus Partnerships). You can find their contact details here.

Necessary documents for uploading

- Language certificate in the working language minimum. B1

- Letter of Motivation (for each University one)

- CV

- Photo

- Transcript of Records

- Bachelor certificate (if available)

Information sessions can be found here

ISCED Codes for application here.