Funding / Financial Aid

Scholarships for stays abroad are usually not full scholarships, which means that they only cover the costs that are incurred in addition to the cost of living. You can find current scholarship offers in the intranet. The largest scholarship holder for studying abroad is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Each year the DAAD allots PROMOS grants to German universities. Students can apply for these PROMOS grants. PROMOS can be used to support students' stays abroad, which take place outside the ERASMUS area. (Funding for the EU area can be assessed if there is no bilateral ERASMUS student exchange agreement). Stays up to 6 months can be financed for study periods (course work) and research work overseas (Studienarbeiten or Abschlussarbeiten). The PROMOS scholarship consists of a travel expense allowance and monthly rates. Each year the DAAD determines the amount of the rates and travel expenses per country. Universities can not deviate from this amount.

Eligibility :

Students are eligible when

  • which are registered at the TUHH.
  • who have the German nationality or BAföG in Germany or non-German students who wish to achieve a degree in Germany. Stays in home countries are, however, excluded.
  • who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree.
  • who have organized their stay abroad at a university or in a company.

What are the criteria for granting scholarships?

  •     Academic meaningfulness of the study project
  •     Above-average grades
  •     Proof of the necessary language skills

Scholarship scope

Grants for stays between 1 - 6 months are given (internships can be funded from 6 weeks).

The monthly rate is usually around € 400. The travel expense and the rate allowance varies, depending on the destination country.

For internships in overseas countries you can apply only for the PROMOS travel expense allowance.

The payment of PROMOS grants is always subject to the apportionment of funds from the DAAD.

Application Periods

  1. PROMOS application period: 11 September - 27 November 2021
    For mobilities that START between: 01 January - 30 June 2022
  2. PROMOS-application period: 08 March - 31 May 2021
    For mobilities that START between: 01 July - 31  December 2021

Applications are made through the Mobility-Online portal.

Further information on use the of Mobility-Online an found here

When you have already created an online application in Mobility-Online before, then you are already listed as a user with one application in Mobility-Online. Just create a new application with the link to the Onlineform above. However, after sending the Onlineform, re-login to your Mobility-Online account. Under "My Applications" in the menue on the left side, you'll be able to display all your applications and you'll be able to chose the new PROMOS application. Your new application has its own workflow, with its own workflow steps, which you'll need to complete. Just like before, your new PROMOS application will only be displayed to us, once you have completed all required workflow steps.

German Federal Loan for Studying Abroad (Auslands-BaföG)

Europe: study periods after two semesters in Germany are funded at national rates for one exchange year and / or possibly until completion within the maximum funding period.

Outside the EU: support for a maximum of 1 year, in exceptional cases up to 2.5 years.

Additional payments (only outside the EU) for travel expenses, health insurance subsidies, tuition fees up to 4600, - € per year are possible

Applications should be send at least 6 months before arrival at the host country to the designated BaföG-Amt.

The Advice Center for Student Finance - BeST in the Studierendenwerk Hamburg also advises on this.


The Koch-Foundation supports study visits in the Scandinavian-Baltic region. 

Since the number of annual scholarships is very limited, there is no open call.  Suitable nominated student in exchange programmes of the TUHH are notified by the International Office. The application period might be before or after the deadline for exchange programmes at TUHH. For further enquiries, please contact the International Office.

ERASMUS+ Grant: Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)

Study periods at ERASMUS + parteruniversities

An ERASMUS+ grant will be awarded to students participating in the ERASMUS + program. The amount is depending on the host country.

ERASMUS+ Student Mobility for Traineeships (SMT/SMP)

A traineeship lasting at least 60 days in a company based in an ERASMUS member state (EU incl. Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey) can be co-funded through the Erasmus+ progamme (Student Mobility for Traineeships).  Depeding on the country category, the monthely rates are currently 520 €/ 460 € / 400 €.

Train­ing loans (Bil­dungskred­it)

Students with a German citizenship who have already sucessfully passed the exams of the of the first academic year, may apply for a low-interest educational loan for (partial) financing of a study abroad or internship.

Applications are submitted directly to the Federal Office of Administration.

The Advice Center for Student Finance - BeST in the Studierendenwerk Hamburg also advises on this.

Walther Blohm Foundation

The Walther Blohm Foundation promotes talented young people from the aerospace sector by granting subsidies

    - for the further education of young engineers
    - for doctoral students
    - to carry out technical projects in the context of university groups.
    - for stays abroad, study trips and comparable measures that undoubtedly serve the purpose of further technical education

More information can be found here