Visa and Travel Information

After you have received your admission from the host university, be sure you apply for a student visa in time.

Inform yourself about the current political and health crisis situation of your host country. The German foreign office has a website with travel warnings and advises for countries worldwide including a travel app. You should register with the German embassy in your host country to be on a crisis prevention list.

Entering Germany, quarantine- and local regulations in Hamburg

Everybody who enters Germany from abroad has to particiapate in a special registration process (online or on paper). For more information please check the homepage of the Federal Foreign Office.
Everybody who enters Hamburg has to follow the current Covid-19 rules and regulations in Hamburg

Quarantine and Covid- 19 Testing.
Everybody who have spend time, at any specific period within10 days prior to entry, in a "risk area", "high incidence area" or "area of variant of concern" - as indicated on a list of the Robert Koch Institute- , may be the subject to quaratine, under the specific quarantine ordinances issued by the Federal State. Further information regarding quaratine duration, Covid 19 testing, test centers and - fees can be found at: Hamburg Health Websites

For more information, necessary contacts, assistance and further test centers in Hamburg please check the Hamburg Health Websites.
If you suspect you have been infected with the coronavirus, contact medical 116 117 or your local health department.
If you have further questions  call the Corona Hotline of the city of Hamburg: 040 - 428 284 000 or write an email to: corona-einreise(at)


The International Office does not request a particular format of insurance, nor does it recommend specific insurance companies.
We leave it up to you to organize the most suitable insurance policy. There are, however, some minimum requirements that you will have to fulfill.

Studying within Europe

European health insurance card
Most Participants will own a European health insurance card. This card gives access to medically necessary services of public health care in the EU countries as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the same conditions and costs that apply to citizens of the respective country.

Click here for more information.

However, the European Health Insurance Card does not apply to all European countries nor does it include healthcare providers from the private sector. That’s why there is some additional insurance needed.

Compulsory insurances
- Health insurance, covering your stay abroad
(incl. medically necessary repatriation and return transport)

- Accident insurance (professional and personal)

- Liability insurance (professional and personal)
For internships compulsory. For Studying abroad highly recommended.

- New: International health insurance which also covers pandemic cases

Studying outside of Europe
Your EHIC is definitively not valid outside of Europe. Some Universities offer their exchange students insurance on arrival.  In some cases, these insurances are even compulsory for all exchange students. Please check beforehand if this applies to your university. Please make sure you have sufficient insurance for traveling before receiving the insurance locally.