I3 Junior Projects

Formal Requirements:

An I3 Junior Project is an innovative project of two or more junior scientists. Funding is provided to start an interesting or scientifically risky project for the duration of up to one year. The grant mainly covers the costs of consumables up to 50 k€. A maximum of ten projects will be awarded. The selection criteria listed below are the same as for the more senior I3 Labs and I3 Projects. However, they will be applied with consideration of the experience level of the Junior Project participants and with special emphasis on innovative ideas.

All applications are to be submitted in English.

Please direct questions to Dr. Monika Kaempfe, Research Coordinator, at monika.kaempfe(at)tuhh.de.

Selection Criteria:

·       Scientific quality

·       Interdisciplinarity

·       Relation to TUHH strategy

·       Cooperation with external partners

·       Integration into study programmes

Please check here for more details.

Documents to be Submitted:

A: Funding Application, details see below

B: CVs of all participants

C: Publication lists of participants, if applicable.

Please submit the application documents as one pdf file to Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel, Vice President Research, vpf(at)tuhh.de, no later than June 30, 2019.

Application Content

1.1 Title

1.2  Contact Person

1.3  Further Participants

2.     State of the Art and Preliminary Work  

3.     Objectives

4.     Work Programme and Research Methods

5.     Expected Results and Impact

6.     Correlation to TUHH Strategic Objectives

7.     Requested Funding

The entire text should not exceed two A4 pages.

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