Summer Camps


  • Techno-Math Camp '17
    August 21st - 25th, 2017, TUHH

    For 30 pupils of 11th class or higher

    In this Techno-Math Camp, the pupils will learn that the motion of objects, chemical reactions, fluid or gas flows and many more topics can be described with differential equations. These equations will then be solved (approximatively) with the help of computers and their solutions will be displayed graphically. The Techno-Math Camp's program will be complemented by visits of Hamburgian companies that heavily use such mathematical models and tools.


  • EE Camp '16
    August 22nd - 26th, 2016, TUHH

    What is an electro-magnetic wave? How is electrical power actually produced from wind energy? How do bats orient and navigate? Questions like these and many more are addressed by the Electrical-Engineering Summer Camp at TUHH. Pupils build a bat detector, examine electrical fields and networks using computer simulations, and make excursions that provide insights into a power plant or an electrical car.

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  • Techno-Math Camp '16
    August 22nd - 26th, 2016, TUHH

    What do reproduction of bacteria, bungee jumping, retouching of photos and exploding oil platforms have in common? At first sight nothing, but actually, these subjects (and many others) share the fact that they can be modeled using so-called differential equations. Computers can be used to derive visual simulations of such equations which then help to explain, predict or to optimize such and many other applications of Maths.

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