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Hamburg, April 9, 2020

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Students attention! The authors of today's new magazine, ZEIT Campus, have come up with something special for this: They read excerpts from the current issue at Instagram @zeit_campus #wirlesencampus. Additionally, some articles are freely accessible. For example the stories of three students who experienced the corona eruption in China, the bush fires in Australia and political protests in India during their semester abroad.

Read more now on ZEIT CAMPUS.


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of the Germans are in favour of homemade face masks to protect against infection with the coronavirus.


Looking after children at home and working in the home office at the same time? Here are a few tips every day: 

Define a fixed period for the home office. Discuss with your supervisor whether you can do some work in the evening, for example, when the children are in bed.


The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) will start the summer semester on April 20, 2020, largely with digital teaching. The aim is to create and implement digital courses for the approximately 8,000 students at the TUHH for almost 880 extracurricular and compulsory courses of the regular summer semester: "Moving online, staying connected"!


Information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) and its effects on the TUHH

Update: April 7, 2020

The Hamburg University of Technology and all its facilities will switch to basic operation modus from Wednesday, 18 March 2020, in order to make an effective contribution to slowing down the epidemic. This means that the TUHH will remain in operation but will limit all activities in teaching, research and administration to a necessary extent.

The campus is to be entered under controlled conditions by only a small number of people with system-relevant tasks in order to maintain safe operation. All areas of the TUHH are called upon to organize for the time being an encounter-free operation with as few personal contacts as possible.

The most important at a glance

  • Returnees* from risk areas and contact persons of infected persons are not allowed to enter the TUHH and have to maintain a 14-day domestic quarantine before returning to the TUHH. 
  • Home office solutions are the preferred method of working and must be implemented by superiors to the best of their ability. The aim is to have as many employees as necessary and as few as possible to maintain minimum operational capability.
  • The research workshops, central laboratory and library are closed until further notice.
  • Events of any kind are prohibited until further notice. Group formations are to be avoided, hygiene regulations are to be observed.
  • A general ban on business trips (national and international) applies. Travel requests will no longer be approved.
  • The refectory and cafés of the Studierendenwerk are closed until 30 April 2020. The Hochschulsport Hamburg closes until April 19, 2020.
  • Important dates for the start of the summer semester 2020: According to current planning by the KMK, BWFG and TUHH
    20 April 2020: Start with the digital courses of the summer semester 2020, tips and practical examples at
    28 July 2020: End of lectures of the SoSe 2020
    2 to 5 June 2020: Catch-up dates for cancelled written examinations of the winter semester 2019/2020, Catch-up dates for oral examinations of WS 19/20 to be completed by 13 June 2020 at the latest
    29 July to 9 October 2020: Review period of the SoSe 2020
    1 October 2020: Start of the winter semester 2020/2021
    1 November 2020: Start of lectures WS 2020/2021
    31 March 2021: End of WS 2020/21

Information for all members of TUHH

Regulations for students, lecturers and employees (Update March 18, 2020)
Cafeteria an Cafés at the TUHH:
The operation of the cafeteria and the cafés of the Studierendenwerk on campus is suspended until 30 April 2020. 

Current exams are cancelled:
All exams for the current semester have been cancelled. The students will be informed separately. Doctoral exams are also to be cancelled.

Pool and learning rooms closed:
The pool rooms of the computer center are closed, as well as the learning rooms in building A, the learning rooms in the TUB and the operation in the TUB. Learning group rooms are closed.

Postponement of the summer semester 2020:
The summer semester is postponed. Courses will start on 20.4. The end of the lecture period will be postponed accordingly to 28.7.2020. Accordingly, the examination period will also be postponed. The examinations will not start until 29.7. and will take place until 9.10.2020. In practice this means that the first two examination weeks of July will be added to the end of the examination period.
Cancellation of all events with external participation until further notice (Update March 13, 2020)
This regulation applies from Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. This regulation will be expressly amended when a new instruction is communicated. For the time being, room registrations for events will not be accepted.

For meetings, a responsible examination is generally required to determine whether the meeting must actually be held. For all meetings, it must be checked whether they can be offered as digital events on the Internet as an alternative. 

Since, according to the statements of the Robert Koch Institute, mass events can help to spread the virus more quickly, the cancellation, postponement or reorganisation of mass events can be justified, depending on the individual case, in order to take into account the priority health security of the population. (Source:
Introduction of home office and teleworking for all areas of the TUHH, where possible (Update March 13, 2020)
The TUHH crisis committee decided today that from March 16, 2020, home office and teleworking will be made possible in the service areas and institutes in phased phases. Access and technical instructions for safe handling are available at the computer centre, further information is available from your superiors. The TUHH will remain operational and functional, but in some areas it will not be able to avoid bottlenecks during the changeover. For example, many analogue consultation hours will no longer be available. The computer centre has set up the following website for up-to-date information on IT services in connection with the measures:

This has further consequences for the service areas and for students:

Regulations for the service areas of the TUHH
Theft of disinfectants and health-related equipment (Update March 13, 2020)
Disinfectant offered publicly at the TUHH is repeatedly stolen from the dispensers at the TUHH. The same happens with protective gloves and breathing masks in the laboratories. The fear of an infection with the corona virus must not lead us to forget that respiratory and hand protection is absolutely necessary for the people working in the laboratories. The disinfectants that the TUHH offers for use in the sanitary facilities and other places are intended for all people working and learning here. Be responsible, be cooperative, work together to prevent the virus from spreading! It is real self-protection if you give other people the opportunity to disinfect their hands. It is theft, stealing health-related equipment and will be prosecuted in any case.
Information for TUHH returnees from risk areas and contact persons of infected persons (Update March 13, 2020)
We would like to remind you that returnees from risk areas and contact persons of infected persons are not allowed to enter the TUHH and must maintain a 14-day domestic quarantine before they return to the TUHH. All the regulations that have already been published in this regard continue to apply.

At present, the health authorities recommend voluntary domestic isolation until 14 days after departure. Ideally, you should also contact the health authority (Gesundheitsamt) in your district. Outside opening hours, contact can be made via the Altona Central Service on  +49 40 428 11 1775.

As the current situation is a case of force majeure, it is the responsibility of superiors to arrange appropriate measures of care for themselves and others, e.g. home office work, with colleagues who are currently returning from countries affected by travel restrictions.
When can I get out of quarantine?
Please inform yourself in advance on the website of the Robert Koch Institute:

Criteria for discharge from hospital or home isolation

Information for Employees

Risk Groups (New March 19, 2020)
Persons at risk (e.g. people with lung diseases, cancer therapies that are still ongoing or have just been completed, people with heart diseases) may only work from their home office. Supervisors must take appropriate organisational measures to this end.
Researchers (New March 19, 2020)
Experiments and trials must be stopped. Such experiments, tests and safety measures which cannot be stopped immediately shall be shut down in a controlled manner during emergency operation.

Orders for dangerous goods are prohibited. Other orders are to be avoided if possible. Please ensure that goods already ordered are accepted and stored properly.

The central laboratory and research workshops will cease service operations from Wednesday, 18 March 2020 until further notice. New orders will no longer be accepted and existing orders can no longer be processed.

Supervisors are required to allow employees to work from their home office. Persons at risk may only work from the home office.

Further information: Arbeitsstelle AUG – Workplace AUG - Health and safety issues.
Employees of the service divisions (New March 19, 2020)
Administration and service areas maintain operations on a reduced scale.

Until regular operations are resumed, the following applies: home office solutions are to be implemented preferentially after consultation with superiors. The following applies: as many employees as necessary and as few as possible to maintain minimum operational capability.

For questions regarding labour law and official matters: Personalreferat
General Information for Employees (Update March 27, 2020)
  • What regulations currently apply to leave that has already been approved?

    Once the employer has approved the leave requested by the employee, neither side can unilaterally change anything in this amicable agreement. There is no unilateral right to withdraw from leave. Leave can therefore only be changed by mutual agreement. 
    In summary, this means for you:
    Obligations of the employer: Once you have approved leave, you cannot recall your employee from leave without his or her consent or revoke the leave before it has begun.
    Obligations of the employee: Once the leave has been approved, the employee is under no circumstances free to unilaterally convert the leave back into working time. Because what he "does" during his vacation time should and can be of no concern to the employer.

    Pursuant to § 87 (1) No. 2, the Staff Council is involved in co-determination when drawing up the holiday schedule and determining the timing of the holiday as well as in the rejection of requests for holiday.

    Perhaps these problems can be clarified in a calm discussion.
    You are welcome to contact the Staff Council, which will of course be happy to help you.

  • As an employee, do I need an entry permit when I come to the TUHH?
    No, even those employees who are part of the "critical infrastructure" or in "system relevant operations", i.e. who cannot work in the home office, do not need an entry permit. The Authority for Economics, Transport and Innovation points out that such recognition is not necessary because the production, service and delivery processes are not specifically restricted. Therefore, no such certificates are issued.
    In this respect, there is also no need for certificates of entitlement for employees. The way to work and business trips are excluded from the current restrictions - unless the activities are expressly restricted as such (restaurants etc.).

  • How long do processing procedures in the Personnel department take?
    Longer processing times are to be expected for all processes (hiring, continued employment, etc.) at present and until further notice. In addition to process delays due to the conversion to home office workstations, the Personalrat - Employee Representatives - can no longer deal with matters subject to co-determination on a weekly basis. This has a direct effect on the lead time for processing requests to the personnel department.
    In order to ensure that applications are processed in a timely and final manner, a lead time of up to five weeks is therefore to be expected in some cases. As soon as a matter is agreed upon in the Personalrat at the first referral, the involvement of the Personalrat alone would take almost four weeks.
    Please take this risk into account for future applications to the Personnel Department and also take into account the longer processing time that may be required.

FAQs for Employees / Professors / Lecturers: (Update March 18, 2020)
  • Am I obliged to offer exams?
    No, but in agreement with the examiners and students, examinations can be mutually agreed upon, with the greatest possible protection of those involved, preferably using video-conferencing facilities.
  • Does the cancellation of exams also apply to lectures for master's, bachelor's and project work?
    Yes, all oral and written examinations are cancelled until further notice. Exceptions may be made for presentations for the final thesis and for supplementary oral examinations, if these examinations are not held in person, but an individual examination can be arranged with the examiners, e.g. via Skype. Further details on the webpage of the computer centre about video conferencing facilities.
  • Can examination colloquia be held?
    Colloquia - provided the examiners and students agree - can be held. In doing so, care should be taken to ensure that the participants maintain a safe distance and only the absolutely necessary persons take part in the examination. The possibility of conducting the colloquium by video conference is preferable and should also be explored.
  • Can theses be postponed?
    The deadlines for the submission of final papers have generally been extended to 20.04.2020. If the schedule for a regular submission after 20.04.2020 is endangered due to the current restrictions (e.g. because planned laboratory work cannot be carried out at present), an extension of the submission deadline can be requested - as provided for in ASPO § 21 (5) - via the examination committee. Students who wish to submit their theses before 20.04.2020 may submit their theses by mail.
  • Can further training take place?
    No, even minor training is not allowed due to the current circumstances.
  • How are the graduated phases regarding home office and teleworking to be understood and implemented?
    The rule is: as many local employees as necessary, as few as possible. Graduated means that action should be taken according to the information on the pandemic plan, and the corresponding list should also have been sent to Mr Robbert  (head of department of Occupational safety, Environmental and Health Protection at TUHH) by your institute this week. Further details will be regulated by your institute management. The IT department will provide information on the technical framework conditions.
Travel ban and arrangements for meetings and conventions (Update March 13, 2020)
A general ban on business trips applies with immediate effect. Travel requests are no longer approved. All business trips (national and international) are prohibited. Business trips that have already been approved must be cancelled. TUHH staff members can find out more about this by means of separate instructions.  Until further notice, business trips within Hamburg are to be restricted as far as possible and checked to see if they can be replaced by digital means. Furthermore, meetings, training courses or other internal meetings must be reduced to the inevitable minimum.

If you have already booked a trip, check whether it can be cancelled. Contact PV42 or PV 44 (Settlement of international trips via international projects) for possible reimbursement of costs.
Infrastructure (New March 19, 2020)
The technical infrastructure will remain in operation and be adapted to the reduced number of people still working on site.
Employees are asked to help save energy, i.e. in unused rooms the heating should be turned down and unnecessary consumers should be taken off the grid

Access to buildings and underground car parks newly regulated:
For the time being, the buildings and underground car parks will no longer be opened early at 6 a.m., but will remain closed all day (except for buildings A and O and Harburger Schloßstraße 20). This will protect the currently very inactive buildings from unwanted access. Please park in our above-ground parking spaces Denickestr. 15 (Building K), Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1 (Building A), Harburger Schloßstraße 20 and Schloßmühlendamm 30-32.
If you have a building key, we kindly ask you to enter the building on your own and lock it behind you. You can always get out, as our main entrance doors are equipped with so-called panic locks. Before entering your workplace, please report to the gatekeeper's lodge in Building A or Building O. These are always staffed. For your safety (e.g. evacuation of the building in case of fire) we will document your name and workplace there.
If you do not have the building key to your workplace, please come to the gatehouse in building A (24/7), in building O (24/7) or in Harburger Schloßstraße 20 (Mo. - Fr. 7 - 15 hrs). We will provide you with access to your workplace.

Building security increased:

The frequency of surveillance will be increased significantly on Saturdays and Sundays on campus.

Postal services:
In view of the current situation, building management will also take steps to ensure emergency staffing.
Mail distribution and collection at TUTECH, Blohmstraße 15 and 18, Harburger Schloßstraße 20 and 36, Schloßmühlendamm 30-32, Theodor-York-Straße 8 will be carried out three times a week from 19 March onwards, namely on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mail distribution and collection at Hein- Sass-Weg 22 and Neßpriel 5 will take place on Mondays and Thursdays for the time being.
The institutes, departments and service areas on campus are kindly requested to bring their outgoing mail to the post office in Building J and to collect their incoming mail. In addition, building A will be serviced by the gatekeeper's lodge once a day in the afternoon due to the amount of mail.
The gatehouse of building I will remain closed. The gatehouses of buildings H and K will have limited staff. We will contact you for the purpose of handing over received parcels.

WC cleaning:
Toilets at all TUHH sites will now be cleaned twice a day instead of once a day.

The TUHH will provide a facility for disinfection at the entrances to all service buildings. Disinfectant dispensers have been installed there.

Further information: PV1 Gebäudemanagement

Information for Students

General Questions about TUHH’s Studies (Update April 6, 2020)
  • Will the start of lectures be postponed further?
    At the moment we are preparing everything to start online teaching on 20.4.2020. Lectures are then to continue until 28.7.2020. Lecturers were asked whether and which courses they can offer digitally. According to our model courses of study, a total of at least 750 courses are involved. The computer centre is working flat out to provide support and, above all, to provide the basis in the area of hardware and software.
  • When will it be decided whether the semester really starts on the date currently planned?
    At the moment, the current status is that we will start on 20.4.2020.

  • Will the lectures take place digitally?
    Yes, that is the plan. Maybe not all lectures will be digital. Then we will start with what exists. This will then perhaps be offered in concentrated form in the first half of the semester and the courses that are completed later will be offered in concentrated form in the second half. If it can be accessed via the net at any time, the time management is in the students' hands. We have to see what the infrastructure at the TUHH but also at home can offer. We are approaching a phase of flexible teaching and learning.

  • Will the semester fee be reduced as a result?
    No, the semester contribution will not be reduced.

  • Will enrolment for the summer semester 2020 still take place?
    At the present time, matriculations will continue to take place.

  • Will the current semester be extended (WiSe 19/20)?
    The semester ends on schedule on 31.03.2020. The lecture period of the summer semester 2020 starts on 20.04.2020, the beginning of the semester remains 01.04.2020.

  • What happens if you are unable to take your last exam in your studies due to the examination suspension? Do I have to re-register for the next semester? What is the current date for re-registration?
    The re-registration date is 31.03.2020. There is therefore an extension of the re-registration deadline. Re-registration is recommended for all students.

  • Is there an extension of the re-registration deadline for the SoSe 2020 for those who cannot graduate now or whose exams had to be postponed to a later date?
    Yes, for this group of students there is an extension of the re-registration deadline to 31.03.2020.
    For enrolment when first starting a course at the TUHH or after an interruption of studies, the enrolment deadline is 20.04.2020.

  • What happens to my BAföG?
    BAföG-supported students in Hamburg will continue to receive their training support - regardless of the postponement of lectures at Hamburg universities due to the spread of the corona virus. According to a decree of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), BAföG-supported students will continue to receive their training support even if the start of the semester is delayed, universities and schools are closed or entry to other countries is blocked.
    The Studierendenwerk Hamburg currently offers its advice service on BAföG by telephone and e-mail. Contacts and current information are available at Studierendenwerk
    Information from the BMBF on the subject is available at www.bafö

  • Do you already know how the KP2 will work out? 
    The construction project II will take place according to the schedule in Stud.IP. The schedule of the "topic-related consultation hours" and "general question hours" as well as current information will be announced via Stud.IP. For further questions please contact the KP II team at kp2(at)

  • Is it currently possible to do the internship in several sections under 4 weeks? 
    If the internship regulations do not regulate anything, please contact the internship office directly. This office decides on the recognition of an internship.

  • How and when can I return borrowed books? Are there any extra costs due to reminder fees?
    All borrowed books can be kept until the TU Library reopens. During this time there are no reminder fees or extra charges.

  • What should I do as a student if I have had contact with people who have returned from risk areas?
    If you have had contact with people from risk areas (see Robert Koch Institute), please make sure that you maintain a domestic isolation period of 14 days before you return to the TUHH. 

  • How and when can I return borrowed books? Are there any extra costs due to reminder fees?
    All borrowed books can be kept until the TU Library opens again. During this time there are no reminder fees or extra charges.

  • What should I do as a student if I have had contact with people who have returned from risk areas?
    If you have had contact with people from risk areas (see Robert Koch Institute), please make sure that you maintain a domestic isolation period of 14 days before you return to the TUHH.

  • The online lectures will not start until 20.4.2020, why does the semester start on 1.4.2020 remain planned?
    The 1.4.2020 is and remains the beginning of the summer semester. "Only" the lectures will be postponed to 20.4.2020.  

  • Will the lectures until 28.7.2020 only be offered online without any changes or can this be arranged differently and take place at the university again? 
    As soon as classroom teaching is possible again, lecturers are free to continue teaching online or to use the facilities at the TUHH.

  • I am studying Energy and Environmental Engineering and I actually have to participate in an internship (Organic Chemistry, at the University of Hamburg) in the coming semester. Will the internship be postponed further then? Or how will that be arranged?
    At the University of Hamburg, the same regulations apply as at the TUHH regarding restrictions on teaching activities. How and when the UHH will resume teaching is not yet known. We will inform asap about this. 

  • I cannot pay the semester fee, have lost my job and need support Where can I apply for help from the Hamburg Student Aid Fund?
    Students at Hamburg universities who are in a proven financial emergency due to the Corona pandemic should be able to receive an interest-free loan of 400 euros per month. German and international students from public and private universities are eligible to apply. The aid fund is administered by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Further information and applications can be found after Easter on the homepage of the Studierendenwerk at Information on the necessary documents for application (details are subject to change; with the upload of the application form in the course of the week after Easter (week 16) all information is finally available!) For preparation you can already create PDF or JPEG files (easy to read, files not too large, i.e. max. 1 MB per attached single file) of the following documents. Please take this into account: 

    1. Valid identity card / passport (front and back)
    2. Current certificate of matriculation from my university
    3. Proof of termination of the employment contract by the employer(s) or suspension of the employment relationship and/or self-declaration of cessation of self-employment (written on the laptop/PC Client, type and scope of the activity, Which orders have been cancelled and to what extent? With date and personal signature)
    4. Documentation of the financial emergency situation on the basis of the current account balance and account movements (receipts/expenditure on the account statement(s)) of all accounts of the last 6 weeks or 45 days (sorted chronologically by date)
    5. Only students from non-EU countries: Residence permit

Tutors and student assistants (Update April 7, 2020)
  • I am a tutor or a student assistant. What happens to current hires or current contracts?
    The PV 325 team processes hiring requests in "basic operation mode", i.e. a maximum of one person is on site. All contracts are to be produced on the dates specified by the institute. The contracts will then be sent by mail with a letter to the address you have deposited in your application form.
    You will receive the remuneration for the duration of the contract, but we cannot guarantee that all of you will have your money on your account on the last day of April. If you need the money urgently, please inform us by mail to the following address: pv325(at) We will then arrange a payment as soon as possible.
    Otherwise, you will receive the payment at the end of May, together with the May payment (i.e. double the money).
    The timesheets are only to be filled in as far as the work is done, please also fill in the home office hours.
    Missing hours will have to be provided at the end of the contract period if necessary. Please contact your client for this. The goal is to find the most accommodating solutions.
  • I am a tutor/student assistant and have questions about the contract or inquiries. How can I get in touch with the personnel department?
    PV 325 - Team for stud. Assistants and Tutors - has set up a mailbox for your mails. You can reach the mailbox under: pv325(at) Here you can send all inquiries and submit documents.
  • Do student assistants, who supervise tutorials or work in administration despite their work being cancelled (no tutorials and fewer tasks in administration), still receive the same salary they would have received if we had not been in the pandemic?
    Yes, we are aware that our students depend on this income and trust us. Moreover, we hope to need their support again soon and want to keep you. We are considering whether the student assistants and tutors could soon support the lecturers in creating the digital teaching materials and conducting online teaching. Naturally, by digital communication channels.
    Lastly, please note that tutors are not student assistants. These two groups of employed students have different tasks and contracts.

  • May I as a student trainee work more than 20 hours per week until 20.4.2020?
    This question cannot be answered legally without exact knowledge of the background. In general, however, the following can be said: The decisive factor for an exception to the 20-hour rule, which is addressed here, is that the mandatory priority of studies over the work of a student trainee or another job is guaranteed. You could therefore work more than 20 hours a week until 19.4.2020. However, please make absolutely sure that you do not exceed the marginal earnings threshold of 450 euros.
  • Who can I contact for personnel questions about student assistants and tutors?
    For personnel matters concerning student assistants and tutors, please contact the Personnel Department PV 325 in the future. Please send your applications and documents to the functional mailbox pv325(at)
    You can find the application for employment and other forms for student assistants and tutors from the TUHH network at:: Forms PV 325
    The PV 325 team introduces itself:
    Ms Astrid Dittmann, team leader, phone +49 40 428 78 3578
    Ms Doreen Kaschka, Personnel Officer, Phone +49 40 428 78 4015
    Ms Gabriele Marquardt, Personnel Officer, Phone +49 40 428 78 4459
    Ms Antje Stettnisch, Personnel Officer, Phone +49 40 428 78 3893
    Mr. Frank Punert, Personnel Officer, Phone +49 40 428 78 4917 
Questions about Exams (Update March 30, 2020)
  • Do exams still still take place?
    No, there are currently no more examinations taking place - this applies to both written and oral examinations and until further notice. Exceptions may be made for presentations for the final thesis and for supplementary oral exams, if these exams do not take place in person, but an individual exam can be arranged with the examiners, e.g. via Skype.

  • How likely is it that there will be a follow-up date? 
    What is the current planning for the cancelled examinations? Are there alternative dates? 
    The remaining 56 exams of WS 2019/2020 will be made up for in the week after Whitsun (1. to 6.6.2020). Probably two additional Saturdays will be added. Behind these 56 exams there are about 5400 exam registrations from about 3200 students. 600 of them have to take 2 or more examinations. These examinations must be planned without overlapping. The preparations for this are underway.

  • Are there any exceptions if only one exam is missing and has been cancelled? 
    No, so far there is no general rule. The cases have to be solved individually. It is the goal of all of us to find pragmatic solutions and to avoid cases of hardship. Please contact the examination office responsible for you. 

  • What happens if you are unable to take your last exam in your studies because you have been suspended? Do you have to re-register for the next semester? What is the current date for re-registration?
    The re-registration date is 31.03.2020. There is therefore an extension of the re-registration deadline. Re-registration is recommended for all students.

  • What about the last exam/study performance before graduation? Do I have to re-register here or are there exceptions via Skype or similar?
    If the last performance is the presentation of the Bachelor/Master thesis, this can be done via Skype etc. if the examiners agree.

  • Will the exam viewing also be postponed? 
    Yes, until 20.4.2020 there will be no exam viewing.

  • Will exams still be corrected or will this be suspended until April 20? 
    The previous deadline (15.4.2020) for the examiners to enter their marks should be met. All examiners have been informed accordingly.

  • Can lectures/final presentations/colloquia for Bachelor's/Master's theses or also for project work continue to take place?
    These examination formats cannot take place in classroom form. An individual examination, e.g. via Skype or similar, can be arranged with the examiners.

  • Does the suspension also apply to examinations that take place at the University of Hamburg?
    Yes, this also applies to examinations at the UHH. There was also a circular letter to all students that examinations of all kinds are cancelled there until 20.4.2020.

  • Will the 1st exam for KP2 take place?
    The 1st exam for the construction project II will not take place.

Questions about Final and Doctoral Theses (Update March 27, 2020)
  • Can the deadline for submitting theses be extended if the closure of libraries, CIP pools etc. has an impact on the quality of the work in question?
    The deadline for the submission of theses is generally postponed to 20.04.2020. Those who wish to submit their theses before 20.04.2020 can submit them by post. In individual cases you should seek the advice of the examiner.

  • Is it still possible to carry out experiments in the pilot plant or in laboratories? If not: What happens if this means that the timetable for Bachelor's or Master's theses cannot be kept to?
    In principle, no more experiments should be carried out until 20.04.2020. A letter will be sent to the heads of the institute. Please consult the responsible examiner if necessary. If the timetable for a submission after 20.04.2020 is endangered due to current restrictions, an extension can be applied for - as provided for in the ASPO - via the examination board.

  • What effects must I expect on the course of my doctoral studies? Is the postal delivery of my documents to the office of the PhD Committee, which is now closed to the public, still guaranteed? Can timely submission by e-mail be made possible? Will the scheduled meetings of the relevant committees take place?
    For the time being, it is assumed that postal delivery should still work. However, given the current dynamics of the restrictions, further restrictions are to be expected. Therefore, it is necessary that all open questions are clarified individually with the respective doctoral supervisor or doctoral committee.

  • Is it currently still possible to have theses printed in the Campus Shop? 
    Yes, according to the shop website, but the opening hours are shorter.

  • Will there be consultation hours on Skype or a similar platform? 
    This should be discussed individually with the lecturers. There is no central planning for this.

  • Is it still possible to register a student work (without laboratory)? 
    Yes, this is still possible.

  • Do final papers still have to be submitted in bound form? 
    Yes, the ASPO regulations apply here.

  • What about the deadlines for submissions before 20 April?
    All deadlines are extended until 20.04.2020. If you wish, you can still hand in your documents before that date, but only by post. See FAQs.

  • Can lectures/final presentations/colloquia for Bachelor's/Master's theses or project work still take place?
    These examination formats cannot take place in classroom form. An individual examination, e.g. via Skype or similar, can be arranged with the examiners.

  • What about the last exam/study performance before graduation? Do I have to re-register here or are there exceptions via Skype or similar?
    If the last performance is the presentation of the bachelor/master thesis, this can be done via Skype etc. if the examiners agree.

Contact addresses for cancelled examinations, feedback, questions about dates
The function mailboxes are:
What are the consequences of these developments for students' stays abroad (in general all stays abroad/f.e. in the ERASMUS Programme)? (Update March 30, 2020)

To our outgoing students who are currently in partner countries and want to cancel their stay or have already cancelled it:

The Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel warning, albeit primarily for tourist trips. Students who are abroad should keep in mind that the number of regular travel connections is currently declining rapidly and travel restrictions are increasing worldwide. Please inform yourself and take advantage of the remaining return travel options to Germany. Be sure to sign up for the Foreign Office's “Elefand list”, so that you can be considered for return promotions (and please remove your registration once you have returned to Germany).

Many of our partner universities offer online courses, therefore physical presence is not necessary. As an ERASMUS student, participation in these courses can be counted as part of the sponsored ERASMUS stay, regardless of whether you are in Germany or in the host country. In the end, you will have to get a confirmation for both the time of physical presence and online study.

If you cancel your stay abroad, you can still receive the full ERASMUS funding originally granted, if you can prove the additional costs caused by the cancellation. In this case, the minimum stay of 3 months does not apply.

There are regulations on how the costs of DAAD, PROMOS or ISAP programs are being borne by the Mobility Fund.

An emergency fund has been set up for students who have gone abroad without funding and who have now high costs due to cancelation.

The International Office is currently developing a procedure to process your applications. Therefore, please be patient with the application but collect all the evidence that you can, for example, for any additional costs like residence times and university closings.

If you have further questions, please contact the International Office. You can find the contact details on our website.

Students from risk areas (Update March 4, 2020)
The TUHH informs its students that they should not return to the TUHH for at least 14 days after returning from the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute. Absences should not be evaluated at the expense of the success of the studies. Students will be notified separately.

General Information on COVID-19

Risk areas (Update: April 3, 2020)
Risk countries are areas where ongoing widespread or ongoing community spread can be suspected. In order to determine this, the Robert Koch Institute uses various criteria (e.g. frequency of illness, dynamics of the daily reported case numbers, measures (e.g. quarantine of entire cities or areas), exported cases to other countries/regions). The situation is reassessed by the Robert Koch Institute on a daily basis, if necessary the risk countries are adjusted.

International Risk areas
  • Egypt: entire country

  • France: entire country

  • Iran: entire country

  • Italy: entire country

  • Netherlands: entire country

  • Austria: entire country

  • Switzerland: entire country

  • Spain: entire country

  • South Korea: Daegue and the Province Gyeongsangbuk-do (North-Gyeongsang)

  • USA: entire country

  • United Kingdom and Northern Ireland: entire country

The international risk areas were last updated on 2.4.2020.
Situation in Germany (Update: March 3, 2020)
In the meantime, cases of infection with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) have been confirmed in almost all German states. Case numbers are available under
The Johns Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) documents the worldwide development in real time via online GIS dashboard.
Situation in Hamburg (Update: March 18, 2020)

Different Areas of Life (Information only in German Language)
Risk Assessment
On a global level, this is a very dynamic and serious situation. In some cases, the course of the disease is severe, even fatal. Further cases, infection chains and outbreaks must be expected in Germany. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the spread of the corona virus as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. A worldwide spread of the pathogen is therefore to be expected. This assessment may change in the short term due to new findings.
How can I protect myself from infection?
In order to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, good hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette and distance from the sick should be maintained, especially in regions where the new coronavirus is present. However, these measures are advisable everywhere and at all times in view of the wave of influenza. (Source: Robert Koch Institute)
Information on travel warnings
Please check the website of the Federal Foreign Office for valid travel warnings.
What can I do if I think I have the symptoms of coronavirus infection?
The Federal Ministry of Health presents three criteria which you should check in case of suspicion. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection (e.g. coughing) AND have been in a risk area in the last 14 days OR if contact with a person suffering from coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is less than 14 days ago, then contact with a doctor is recommended. Do not go to a doctor's surgery yourself to avoid infecting other people in an emergency, but call the doctor first (source: Authority for Health and Consumer Protection):

Hotline for Hamburg: +49 40 428 284 000

Medical emergency service: 116 117

Hamburg residents with relevant symptoms who have recently travelled to affected areas or who have had contact with people who may be infected can obtain advice by telephone at their doctor's surgery or at the numbers listed above. The Hamburg Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is currently preparing the possibility of testing at home after consulting the emergency medical service (116117) in order to avoid further contact with other people.
Where can I get information about the coronavirus? (Update March 4, 2020)
The Norddeutscher Rundfunk - NDR - has compiled a list of questions and answers on the most important questions about the virus,corona100.html

A good compilation of the known facts about the coronavirus can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute, additional information can be found in the leaflet of the Occupational Medical Service.

The Authority for Health and Consumer Protection also provides information on the topic, including specific information for Hamburg:

For TUHH employees: Special medical questions are answered by the Occupational Medical Service on +49 40 42841 2112; further questions on university-specific regulations should be directed to the AUG staff unit.