SIMACLIM is a tool developed within the DiPol project that is to help develop our understanding of the complex ecological connections in both urban and coastal areas, and to simulate the effects of climate change. SIMACLIM highlights the risks to our aquatic environment from different factors and how they can shift with climate change. This makes it a very useful tool for finding shared solutions where interests are partly competitive, in the sense of sustainable development and adaptation.

In the context of the DiPol project we are making use of the "Regional Relative Risk Ranking Model" which builds on the development by the Americans Landis and Wiegers (1997). The outcome of this approach is the "SIMACLIM - Regional Risk Module" which has the ability to incorporate the priorities of inhabitants of a certain region for the aquatic environment. Via simulation approaches the qualitative effects of changing the environmental conditions on the desired uses of the aquatic systems, e.g. as bathing water, cooling water for industry, or as a fishing area can be visualised by means of graphs.

You may download the "SIMACLIM - Regional Risk Module" to your PC by "right" clicking on this link and select the option "safe as...". SIMACLIM - 2RM is an Visual Basic EXCEL program which runs under the 2007 and 2010 versions of Office. For Office 2003 please follow the link: "SIMACLIM - Regional Risk Module (2003)".

To get further support when installing and running the program, please refer to the "Instruction Manual" which can be downloaded as a PDF file [0.9 MB].

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