Work packages

The project work comprises of 5 work packages (WPs) and 5 work groups (WGs). The constitution of both WPs and WGs reflects the strong transnational cooperation in the diPol project. The project management (WP1) comprises all necessary actions to maintain and support communication within the project and to the public, as well as the unhindered process and the delivery of results. Further WPs are described below in more detail.

Research and investigation activities will be carried out at 4 case sites which are located at different areas of the river-coast continuum (see WP3). The identification of key processes and accordingly the transfer of observations from the study sites to other similar locations will be investigated. The working groups will be active at the sites according to predominant challenges.

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Workplan dipol-project

Here you find the details to WP 2 to 5:

Harbour of Harwich in England

Investing in the future by working together for a sustainable and competitive region