Lecture: Introduction to Information Security

Lecturer: Prof. Dieter Gollmann Ann-Christine Kycler, M. Sc

Type: Lecture

<p>- Fundamental concepts <br />- Passwords &amp; biometrics <br />- Introduction to cryptography <br />- Sessions, SSL/TLS <br />- Certificates, electronic signatures <br />- Public key infrastructures <br />- Side-channel analysis <br />- Access control <br />- Privacy<br />- Software security basics <br />- Security management &amp; risk analysis <br /><br /> - Security evaluation: Common Criteria </p><p>D. Gollmann: Computer Security, Wiley &amp; Sons, third edition, 2011<br /> Ross Anderson: Security Engineering, Wiley &amp; Sons, second edition, 2008 </p>

(A 0.13.1/2)

Mon.. 14:15 - 16:30 (weekly) - Vorlesung Einf├╝hrung in die IT Sicherheit (A 0.13.1/2)

Term: WiSe 19/20

Requirements: Basics of Computer Science

Performance Record :Written exam

Stud.IP: Lecture: Introduction to Information Security