Sven Moritz Hallberg

Hamburg University of Technology
Security in Distributed Applications
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3 (E)
21073 Hamburg
Building E
Room 4.092
Tel: +49 40 42878 2611


  • Bratus, Sergey and Crain, Adam J. and Hallberg, Sven M. and Hirsch, Daniel P. and Patterson, Meredith L. and Koo, Maxwell and Smith, Sean W. (2016). Implementing a Vertically Hardened DNP3 Control Stack for Power Applications. 45--53. [doi] [www] [BibTex]
  • Momot, Falcon and Bratus, Sergey and Hallberg, Sven M. (2016). The Seven Turrets of Babel: A Taxonomy of LangSec Errors and How to Expunge Them. 45--52. [doi] [www] [BibTex]