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Transnational Palestinian families
The thrust of this project is to study Palestinian family networks as an interface of transnational social change connecting Arab-European migrant communities with social transformations in the Arab world. Taking Palestinian society and diaspora as a paradigmatic case of transnationalization in a world of increasing transnational exchange, the question is how Palestinian extended families with branches living in Germany, Israel and Palestine strive to sustain family identity and thick kinship cohesion of the proverbial Arab family across political borders and cultural boundaries while coping with intra-familial “encounters of difference” between modern lifestyles and traditional patriarchal values. In viewing cross-border kinship relations as a transnational space of social change by exchange, we want to find out how (and to what extent) the experience of intra-familial difference, framed by a contradictory mélange of liberal convictions, kinship idioms, religious commitments, will be translated into more openness for difference or into social closure and cultural segregation.

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Das Forschungsprojekt ist Teil von intermobil Region Dresden, einem von insgesamt fünf
Leitprojekten des Forschungsverbundvorhabens "Mobilität in Ballungsräumen" des Bundesministeriums
für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).

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DEMOS stands for Delphi Mediation Online System. DEMOS is a web-based platform enabling
fruitful and constructive debate between citizens and politicians with the intention of facilitating and
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