Jun.-Prof. Pavel Gurikov



The focus of the Aerogel group is on the process development and scale-up of the aerogel production. Our research deals with all aspects of aerogel processing: gelation, solvent exchange, supercritical drying, and post-functionalization. One of the key interest is biopolymer aerogels and their application in food, pharma and medical areas.

  • Carbon dioxide induced gelation
  • Impregnation and precipitation in porous materials
  • Thermodynamic studies by supercritical fluid chromatography
  • Modeling of solubility in supercritical fluids
  • Cellular automata and coarse-grained models of mass transfer






  • M. Fricke, D. Weinrich, W. Lölsberg, I. Smirnova, S. Raman, P. Gurikov,
    Process for Producing Porous Alginate-Based Aerogels, 2015, WO/2015/177081